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In order to identify a vaginal infection, it is important to understand its symptoms.

Grey, Yellow or Yellow-green Vaginal Secretion

Try to check yourself for a second. Do you produce a transparent or white vaginal fluid? If you do, then your vagina is healthy. In contrast, is your vaginal fluid grey, yellow or yellow-green, and is it thick, or thin and foamy? If your answer is yes, then you have vaginal infection.

There are only two kinds of vaginal secretion:

  • (1) The physiological secretion (elements are naturally balanced) and

  • (2) The pathogenic secretion (elements are contaminated with diseases and are produced in excessive amounts).
    Normal vaginal secretion has important functions: an effective lubricant during sex, and an essential part of the vagina’s natural defense cycle and its well-balanced environment.
    Abnormal vaginal secretion is a visible effect of the harmful bacteria present in the vagina.

Bad smell

Along with color changes in the vaginal secretion, a rotten fish-like smell is a clear indicator of vaginal infection. The smell may vary from a mild stink to an extreme one, depending on the seriousness of the vagina’s condition.

Bad smell will pull a woman down. This will make you uneasy at every situation, making your confidence level drop. When you’re insecure, you can’t make the most out of life. You laugh, live and love less.

Itching, Swelling and Burning Pain

Bacterial infection causes itching, swelling, soreness, and burning pain in the vagina.

When any of these is present, it’s a sure ball that you’re headed for a bad mood, and a bad day. Any kind of activity will be too uncomfortable and painful for you. Even sitting down will be agonizing.

If you have any or all of the symptoms of vaginal infection, do not worry because there are ways to cure it.

If you don’t have vaginal infection, do keep on with proper feminine hygiene because that’s the best way of protecting yourself.

Remember, a rash isn’t just a rash. Have yourself checked immediately if you experience any of these symptoms. Do it before it’s too late.


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