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Lactacyd®. Your intimacy deserves to be protected. Every day.  

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Maintaining the Vagina's Natural Protection

Infection of the vagina or a rise in vaginal pH weakens its protection. Maintaining the vagina’s natural acidic layer is vital to keep it safe from diseases.

Symptoms of a Rising pH

After a day’s work, you come home feeling soiled, uncomfortable, and extremely annoyed. You’ve had a good day but you don’t feel well. Your mood is going nowhere but down. Your temper rises by the minute and you can’t point out where all this is coming from. Is it stress? Over fatigue, maybe? No, not really. Just a case of rising vaginal alkalinity.

If you have taken extra care of your intimate area properly, you wouldn’t find yourself in this difficult situation: you have an unclean feeling all over your body; in your vagina there’s itching, bad smell, stabbing pain, and soreness or inflammation. All these are symptoms of an imbalance in your vagina’s acid-alkaline levels.

Symptoms of a Rising pH

Getting into the Habit of Staying Healthy

One thing that women locally are proud of is the fact that they are very hygienic: they take a bath twice a day, brush their teeth three times, put on cologne almost every hour, and use a deodorant to keep fresh all day.

However, because most women need to be more practical these days, they sometimes turn to inexpensive products that also promise good quality. But most of the time, they are left wanting.

As a woman, you know the importance of your most intimate area. It might be small and hidden, but its condition may strongly affect your everyday performance. Once your vagina gets infected, you wouldn’t be able to function properly. So you should take care of it the best way possible. Give it the pampering it deserves.

Alkaline bar soaps will only increase the pH in your vulva, disturbing the natural acidic protective layer and causing the bacteria to proliferate. The bacteria may eventually enter the vagina and cause vaginal infection. There is a feminine wash made especially for cleansing your intimate part with much care. A feminine wash with natural active ingredients like lactic acid and lactoserum may reverse the threat of damaging the natural protection of your intimate part.

Do not compromise on feminine hygiene. That’s okay is never an option. You deserve only the best. Use Lactacyd everyday to minimize the chances of vulvovaginal infection.


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