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What is it?

Uncover the often unspoken truth about vaginal infection.

When it comes to topics about sex or sexual diseases, women often hold back from open discussion. Most women especially feel very awkward on such issues, even with family and friends. Without honest exchanges among people on sexual matters, including vaginal diseases, more and more women will suffer silently and the available cure and prevention will be worthless.

Most women, and even young teenage girls, will have an infection in their genital region at least once in their lifetime. But a survey revealed that many women do not fully understand these conditions and they often go untreated.

The good old days of being too conservative is over. Be aware and be safe from vaginal infection while you can.

Vaginal infection is scientifically termed as Vaginitis, an inflammation of the vagina characterized by swelling, redness, heat, pain, and an abnormal vaginal discharge. Causes of such infection are certain bacteria, fungi and protozoans which deposit huge amounts of waste materials that irritate the vagina and the vulva (the outer region of the vagina).

There are many types of vaginal infections, each causing different kinds of contaminated vaginal discharges and other symptoms such as swelling, bad-odor, and itching.

Vaginitis or vaginal infection occurs when the normal acid-alkaline balance of the vagina is upset resulting to excessive reproduction of harmful bacteria.

Vaginal infection and its effects on your daily life

You may say an infected vagina is a simple problem since it’s just a small, hidden area in your body. Think again. Anything that goes wrong in that tiny, delicate spot may affect not only your body, but also your mind and your emotions. This could result to bad performance at work if you’re a grown-up, and at school if you’re a teen. You may not function well even at the home, and almost anywhere! When the natural acidity of your vagina is disrupted, there’s ample room for infection to grow. An infected vagina leads to feelings of discomfort, bad smell, itching, soreness, and pain. When you feel uncomfortable, you can’t think well, nor do you have proper control over your emotions. Soon after you’ll see that stress is your new best friend, slowly taking a toll on you and making anything you do a disaster.

How vaginal infection affects your daily performance

How vaginal infection affects your daily performance


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