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Lactacyd®. Your intimacy deserves to be protected. Every day.  

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Know your body pH

Every woman deserves to love herself. The first step to loving one’s self is knowing and understanding your body.

Know your body pH & your skin intimate area

You wouldn’t buy a size 4 pair of shoes when you know you’re a size 7, right? Of course you won’t. You very well know that doing that is silly because you’ll end up hurting your feet, and worse, wasting your money. That’s the same way with feminine wash: you should only buy and use one with the right kind of pH (potential Hydrogen – a measure of a solution’s acidity or alkalinity) for your most intimate area.

Knowing the pH value of your intimate area is the best way to start protecting it. If you disregard the acid-alkaline values of the substances you use to clean your most sensitive area, you will experience irritation and infection.

Different parts of your body differents pH values.

Different parts of your body have different pH values. The skin of your hands, legs, scalp, and face do not have the same pH values, so each requires a specific product to match its own pH. Why else would women have bathroom cabinets full of different cleansers? No modern-day woman would only settle for a soap bar to cleanse herself. She knows better than that. There will always be a body wash, a hand wash, a facial wash, a shampoo, and more.

Sadly for most women, they forget about another kind of cleanser: the feminine wash. Some settle for soap instead, some just wash with water, and sometimes some don’t even wash at all!

You need to know that your delicate and sensitive vulva needs more pampering and protection than those visible areas in your body. Because it is always subject to moisture and rubbing, the vulva skin has an increased propensity to irritant reactions.

Ordinary alkaline soap may destroy the natural acidic protective layer of your vagina skin that’s why you need a feminine wash that’s right for you. You should never compromise on feminine hygiene. Take care of yourself because you are a woman, and by that, you are very precious.


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